Tape mist 20mmx100mb


Price: Do negocjacji

Vat: 23%

Manufacturer: AB-Tec



Web is a “dry” adhesive roll, easy to use, with different weights, compositions (copolyamide, copolyester, kopoliolefin et al.) And szarokościach, homogeneous, flexible and appropriately durable. This is different than the traditional system of glue, created in order to effectively bind, laminate and coated with various materials. This involves using a suitable temperature materials such as textiles, foam, felt, wood, metal, glass, plastics, mineral wool. Application: Clothing – loops, emblems, small parts – glued protruding threads, resistant to washing. Footwear – insert shoe fabrics – high sealing strength relative to the low weight of the adhesive. Automotive Industry – welded components, door panels, headrests, seat parts, components floor. Furniture industry – skin foam, aluminum to vinyl, wood, cork, acoustic insulation materials. Usage is different for each application



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