§ 1. Information about the Seller

1. Shop online is operated by:

The company DULEDO SP. With O.O.

95-070 Aleksandrów Łódzki

ul.Piotrkowska 6c

NIP: 732-19-07-233

2. Online Store sells via the Internet. Sales are on Polish territory (there is the possibility of shipping to EU countries or outside Europe).

3. Orders are accepted via the website

4. Orders can be submitted by individual customers and companies who are registered in the shop Registration involves filling in a registration form with basic personal data needed to perform the contract. Along with the registration, the customer agrees to the collection, storage and processing for the purpose of implementation of the order of their personal data.

5. In special cases, the order may be preceded by a request to confirm it (the store representative will contact you in this case with the client via e-mail or telephone).

6. Transactions made through the online store are contracts of sale and confirmation of a receipt or invoice, provided the customer with the order.

7. For each order can be issued VAT invoice in PLN or EUR. However, in this case, it is necessary to enter the VAT number when registering an account on the store's website and placing an appropriate comment when placing the order.

8. Shop reserves the right to verify the order and cancel it in cases justifying doubt as to the reliability of the order. Orders for which payment will not affect the shop's account within 7 days from the date of submission will be automatically canceled.

9. All prices in the shop are given in Polish zloty and do not contain podateku VAT rate of 23%. The price given for each commodity is not binding at the time of order. Any price negotiations can only take place by mail sales.

10. Shop reserves the right to change prices of goods on offer, introducing new products to offer an online store, carry and cancel promotions on our website, survey make changes.

11. We reserve the right to withdraw individual products from sale, without giving reasons, and also to the temporary closure of the online store.

12. Shop not liable for damages resulting from improper use of the purchased goods.

13. You have the right to make changes to your order or cancel it by email only before payment.

§ 2. Implementation of the order, delivery and payment

1. The store form of payment is bank transfer (prepayment) transfer of the payment date, which is negotiated individually with each customer or cash in the office Duledo.

2. Ordered goods is sent to the Polish Post, courier or delivered their own transport. Orders are shipped within 24 working hours after receipt of the payment to a bank account store.

3. In exceptional cases shipment can be carried out at another time. Such unusual situations, customers will be informed in advance by email.

4.Towary are packed strech foil, paper, cardboard, for larger orders goods shipped on pallets.

5. The cost of delivery to any country in the European Union is determined by rates of Polish Post, courier company DPD, "7" or SCHENKER.

6.Formy, costs, order fulfillment and delivery specified are described on the website of the store tab zatytuowanej - "SHIPPING COST"

7. We reserve the right to cancel the order in the following cases: - partial or erroneous filling the order form - the customer is delayed in payment for order - no contact (enamel or telephone) with customers

8. Term of payment for your order is 7 days. Not paid orders after the deadline will be automatically canceled and re-issued for sale in the online store

§ 3. Returns and Complaints

1. Returns and complaints - the rules defined and is described on the website of the store tab zatytuowanej - "RETURNS AND COMPLAINTS"

§ 4. Protection of personal data

1. The personal data administrator is the owner of an online store

2. The data provided during registration and receipt of orders are processed exclusively for the online store with the Law on Personal Data Protection dated 29 August 1997 (Dz. U. 133 29 paAodziernika 1,997 years pos. 833 ).

3. The data are confidential and are not shared with third parties or other entities.

4. The data are used only to fulfill orders or to inform about the novelties in the shop. However, at any time customer you can stipulate that they do not wish to receive such information.

5. The customer online store has the right to inspect their data, has the possibility to modify them and have the right to remove them from the database store.