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  • Knife – cutting 45/90 °. type 4590

    Knife type 45 and 90. Production - DAFA. Maximum cutting...

    Manufacturer: DAFA

    Price: 35.30 

  • Roller cutter RC-06 28 mm

    Roller cutter RC-06 28 mm adapted to the blades 28...

    Manufacturer: DAFA

    Price: 10.58 

  • Knife round RC-06 (28 mm)

    Roller cutter RC-06 Dafa. (28 mm). Adapted for removable blade...

    Manufacturer: DAFA

    Price: 11.81 

  • Knife Olaf A-2

    Knife OLFA A-2, the production of Japan, the blade 9...

    Manufacturer: OLFA

    Price: 19.43 

  • Knife Olfa NA-1

    Knife Olfa NA-1. For the blade segment 9 mm. (ABB-50)....

    Manufacturer: OLFA

    Price: 20.17 

  • Knife Olfa RTY-1 / G

    Olfa knife - Roller. Blade diameter 28 mm. Japan manufacturer.

    Manufacturer: OLFA

    Price: 31.86 

  • Knife Olfa RTY-2 / DX (Roller)

    Knife RTY-2DX. Knife blades intended to be interchangeable circular 45...

    Manufacturer: OLFA

    Price: 68.24 

  • Replacement Blades DAFA MB-45 to the blade 45/90

    Packing 5 pieces with a storage container blades. Intended knife...

    Manufacturer: DAFA

    Price: Do negocjacji

  • Replacement Blade RB-28 Dafa

    The outer diameter of 28mm. The package contains 2 pieces...

    Manufacturer: DAFA

    Price: 4.23 

  • Set 2071 Al Dafa

    Kit Dafa in 2071 consists of: a metal ruler, a...

    Manufacturer: DAFA

    Price: 45.39 



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