Technical yarns - aramid yarn

The wide range of store also has solutions for applications of special yarns such as aramid yarns non-hybrid, with carbon fiber, glass fibermixes: polyester / thread steel, polyester / wool. Store inventory also includes solutions for applications of special yarns for protective clothing intended for firefighters, steelworkers, uniformed services and materials used in the automotive industry as shield for the engines, belts, and also used in the manufacture of filters, blockades fireproofing materials with insulating properties for gas turbines and aircraft engines.
Long service life
Extensive use of technical yarn is related to their high durability and resistance to mechanical damages, as well as non-flammability and lack of harmful substances. Technical yarns those are offered by the store has the highest quality. This allows to gain satisfaction guarantee, as well as confidence that you purchase the material that will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Duledo – ARAMID YARN.



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